twitterにこのエントリを登録 Videos: tries to keep his eyes front as Madonna takes to the stage wearing just a garter and black stay-up stockings ▶2:38 [2:38x272p]
Little girl opens paper clip gift with adorable response ▶0:36 [0:36x576p]
Chinese boy caught by police driving to school with his grandma in the passenger seat ▶0:41 [0:42x576p]
Video shows children open surprise present to find it's their Navy engineer dad back [0:56x576p]
Vancouver teenager gets her head stuck in a pumpkin during family carving session ▶4:17 [4:21x576p]
Video shows a python bite a tourist's nose in Thailand after she tries to kiss it ▶0:32 [0:32x576p]
An American Idol is videod being hit by a motorcycle during Michigan parade ▶0:16
Girl cries after following older sister into bathroom and seeing that she's menstruating ▶0:25 [0:25x576p]
Blake Lively gets into a tiny bikini while filming The Shallows in Australia ▶0:49 [0:59x264p]
Model walks through Copenhagen wearing a painted T-shirt ▶2:09 [2:09x272p]
The agonising and VERY embarrassing varicose veins that can ruin your sex life ▶4:08 [4:08x186p]
Sickening moment teenage girl trying to take a selfie is SCALPED when her hair gets caught in a ferris wheel  ▶0:25 [0:25x576p]
Angelina Jolie feared nude bathing scene in By the Sea after double mastectomy ▶1:56 [1:15x200p]
Texas dad makes video for teen daughter(娘) after finding hidden whiskey bottle ▶0:36 [0:36x576p]
Paris Hilton cuts sexy figure during romantic Mexico break ▶0:44 [0:44x576p]
Video shows reactions of Italian boys asked to slap a girl in the street ▶3:20 [3:20x272p]
Black girl punches white girl square in the face for calling her the n-word ▶0:30 [0:30x576p]
Bar brawl after wife ‘catches husband with another woman’ ▶3:12 [3:12x576p]
Shameful moment bully attacks school girl while pupils laugh ▶0:29
Thieves roll on the ground in agony after Mexican gang cuts their HANDS off ▶1:33 [1:33x576p]
NC mom catches daycare worker breastfeeding her child [0:14x576p]
Girl group USA Freedom Kids performs for Donald Trump at Florida rally [2:15x576p]
New Zealand teenager teaches herself to ride a cow like a horse ▶0:07 [0:07x576p]
ISIS-style video reveals the REAL reasons people turn to jihadism  ▶0:41 [0:41x576p]
Transgender teen from Middlesbrough models new look on Kim Kardashian [1:04x576p]
'Red Tarzan' vigilante 'forced prostitutes and clients to walk NAKED in the street' ▶2:07 [2:07x576p]
Porn played outside Chinese shopping mall after screen tester connects personal [0:43x576p]
Video of Russian teens turning their KITCHEN into a swimming pool by filling it with water [3:15x576p]
Leonardo Dicaprio kisseswith girlfriend Nina Agdal during their holiday [3:22x576p]
'Serial killer' Stephen Port's 999 call claiming 'first victim' was 'drunk or had seizure' ▶3:26 [3:26x576p]
Army chef is caught trying to meet '11 year-old girl' for sex ▶2:23 [2:23x576p]
YouTube video of girl swimming in a pool before a MASSIVE albino Burmese python joins ▶1:35 [1:35x576p]
Warwickshire Rowing Club's infamous nude calender shoot ▶0:54 [0:55x272p]
Muay Thai child warriors encouraged to kick and punch each other [1:52x272p]
Heartbreaking moment girl says goodbye to dad on skype ▶1:06 [1:06x272p]
Pregnant dancer is blasted to death with a shotgun at an Indian wedding ▶0:16 [0:16x576p]
Can 'squinching' really make you look more beautiful in photos? [15:34x272p]
Poverty drives teens to pimp out other children for sex [3:00x272p]
Horrific video shows Peruvian teen having 3cm WORM pulled out of his eye ▶1:27
Steamy lesbian kiss in BBC Midsummer Night's Dream adaptation ▶0:32 [0:32x576p]
German man cuts possessions in half to spite ex-girlfriend ▶1:08 [1:08x270p]
Girl group USA Freedom Kids performs for Donald Trump at Florida rally ▶2:15 [2:15x576p]
Sandra Bakker's model walks around Hong Kong NAKED ▶2:43 [2:43x576p]
Shocking moment man brutally attacks woman with a HAMMER [2:33x576p]
'Paedophile' confronted by 'Coffs Coast Pedo Hunter' vigilante in New South Wales ▶1:30
Chinese girl is brutally slapped and kicked by school bullies in a back alley ▶3:13 [3:13x576p]
Mother releases footage of her young child crying ▶1:20 [1:20x576p]
Model shares video of her putting tongue in son's mouth [0:15x576p]
Paedophile arrives to meet '11-year-old girl' for sex after grooming her on WhatsApp [3:04x576p]
Barcelona brothel offers choice of sex dolls [6:09x272p]
'I'm doing women a favour!': The glamorous sex guru who claims she can teach men how to get a woman into bed ▶5:48 [5:48x272p]
Nadia and Dana Bruna from Florida earn over £20,000 a month ▶5:29 [5:29x576p]
Bikini-clad sunbather grabs an attacking cobra with her bare hands [0:09x576p]
Border Collie pushes little girl on swing in heartwarming video [0:09x576p]
US Woman throws tantrum in restaurant over the color of their peppers ▶1:21 [1:21x576p]
Eight-year-old Evnika Saadvakass channels Manny Pacquiao in boxing video ▶0:43 [0:43x270p]
YouTuber Lena Nersesian promises to release a sex tape [0:49x270p]
School bullies force girl to drink puddle water for being too pretty ▶3:12 [3:13x272p]
'Sexy dancers' twerk on young boys at children's party [1:17x576p]
Stripping Valentines couples fall for each other on bungee jump ▶2:51 [2:51x186p]
Frustrated traveller strips completely NAKED at airport to pass through metal detectors ▶1:02 [1:02x270p]
Shocking! Woman stripped in the street by gang of men in Egypt ▶1:02 [1:02x272p]
A woman scorned: Girl sets fire to cheating boyfriend's penis ▶0:31 [0:31x270p]
Iggy Azalea rocks sheer black dress the Maxim Hot 100 Party ▶0:36 [0:37x576p]
Chinese woman mauled to death by tiger in front of family at Badaling Wildlife World ▶0:47 [0:47x576p]
Horrific moment woman removes ENORMOUS cyst from her boyfriend’s face ▶9:57 [9:57x576p]
CCTV catches Russian mafia boss having sex with activist ▶1:12 [1:12x576p]
Teen 'peeing in reservoir' causes Portland to dump 38m gallons ▶0:54 [0:54x272p]
Video of Russian teens turning their KITCHEN into a swimming pool by filling it with water ▶3:15 [3:15x576p]
ISIS video shows jihadi snipers taking out coalition targets in Iraq ▶0:37 [0:37x576p]
YouTuber Lena Nersesian promises to release a sex tape [0:49x576p]
Syrian migrant sex attacker is kicked to the ground after he molests a woman in Turkey  ▶0:27
Vicious underage girl fight caught on camera at mall in Arkansas ▶2:05 [2:05x576p]
'Victim' faces 'virtuous pedophile' former foster dad [1:40x576p]
Sandra Bakker's model walks around Hong Kong NAKED [2:43x576p]
9 year-old boxing prodigy girl punches hole in bedroom door [0:46x576p]
Inside 'extreme brat camps' designed for children as young as FIVE ▶1:57 [1:57x204p]
Mother films giving birth to her fourth child in rainforest [3:31x576p]
Sydney student caught watching PORN when he forgets to plug in headphones ▶0:49 [0:49x576p]
Armless girl successfully completes the bottle flip challenge [0:48x576p]
Brooke Shields in The Hot Flashes official trailer ▶2:39 [2:39x272p]
Moscow nightclub owner falls to his death ▶0:19 [0:19x576p]
25 year old Megan Gale naked in Italian movie! ▶1:56 [1:56x256p]
Inside 'extreme brat camps' designed for children as young as FIVE [1:57x204p]
YouTube video of young boy coming round from anaesthetic with gangster voice ▶2:41 [0:59x576p]
Stacey Ritzen live tweets neighbor's loud sex and even includes AUDIO ▶0:48 [0:48x576p]
Backstage with 9-year-old model Kristina Pimenova [1:52x358p]
Ashley Graham looks unrecognizable posing for Terry Richardson at age 18 ▶0:25 [0:25x576p]
Kibulu the lion sucks his keeper's thumb at Australian animal sanctuary [0:18x576p]
12-year-old Ontario girl with primordial dwarfism weighs the same as a TWO-year-old [5:22x576p]
Adorable little girl gets ready for date with Harry Styles ▶2:53 [2:53x576p]
Koutney Kardashian flashes her bare body for nude photo shoot ▶1:47 [1:47x576p]
Hiawayi Robinson's relatives sob as they hear how her body was found ▶0:25 [0:25x272p]
Tourette's sufferer attempts to recite nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice ▶1:28 [1:28x576p]
Drunk Ukrainian teenagers suffer injuries after sliding down glass wall in Kiev ▶0:33 [0:33x270p]
Fox News' Alina Moine accidentally flashes her underwear during live broadcast  ▶0:22 [0:23x576p]
WARNING ADULT CONTENT: Inside the sex doll factory. [6:09x272p]
Chinese wedding footage shows a group of male guests molesting a bridesmaid [0:10x576p]
Jane Fonda reveals she's been raped in new interview ▶2:29 [2:29x576p]
Attack on Michigan girl by 'bullies' caught on video in school cafeteria  ▶2:39 [2:39x576p]
Indian girl molested by gang [1:43x360p]
Personal videos of Gaddafi's son Hannibal show horrific torture [0:56x576p]
Britney Spears celebrates Teen Choice Awards win with her sons and family ▶2:28 [2:28x576p]
Video of sex trafficking victim Leah Rogers forced to go to prison to save son's life ▶3:38 [3:38x576p]
Saudi police officer shoots dead two ISIS terrorists in Riyadh ▶0:45 [0:45x576p]
Vigilante outs man 'for asking young boy for naked pictures' ▶0:33 [0:33x576p]

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