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Donald Trump slams SNL and Alec Baldwin after he was mocked over Russian hotel sex claims ▶0:43 [0:43x576p]
Woman in Kenya stripped by men because she 'tempted them' in miniskirt ▶0:17 [0:17x272p]
Dementia suffering mother forgets who son is | Daily Mail Online ▶0:59 [26:00x720p]
Florida woman gets brutally beaten after throwing a punch at [1:04x576p]
Kristina Pimenova, the child model dubbed 'the most beautiful girl in the world'  [1:52x356p]
Video of a sassy high school student showing off her INCREDIBLE dance skills ▶1:23 [1:23x576p]
The Chew's Daphne Oz gives birth to her second child, a baby boy ▶0:14 [0:14x576p]
Kristina Pimenova, the child model dubbed 'the most beautiful girl in the world'  ▶0:30 [1:52x356p]
Slap her, punch her. Two LITTLE GIRLS forced into fighting despite their protests ▶2:34 [2:34x272p]
Kendall Jenner showcases her model figure in skin-tight ... - Daily Mail ▶0:40
Transgender teen from Middlesbrough models new look on Kim ... ▶1:04
Teen dresses as Pixar's cartoon desk lamp and hops around the streets ▶0:42 [0:42x270p]
115-year-old Japanese man takes title of World's Oldest Person after American predecessor dies [1:12x310p]
Kristina Pimenova, the child model dubbed 'the most beautiful girl in the world'  ▶0:30 [1:52x357p]
Locksmith installs shower and a camera and douses people peeing on the wall in the back alley of their shop [1:53x272p]
Two brothers charged over abduction and rape of 14-year-old girl ▶2:20 [2:20x576p]
Mia Farrow blasts Woody Allen after Golden Globes tribute | Daily Mail ... ▶0:24
What could possibly go wrong? Shocking video of a young child riding an 8ft ALLIGATOR at a birthday party ▶0:10 [0:10x576p]
Video of Valeria Prokopenko performing striptease 'leaked' just before election ▶1:57 [1:57x576p]
Cute little girl breaks down realising mum is having boy [1:41x576p]
Shocking moment school girl is violently beaten then stripped to her underwear by teen bullies  ▶2:30 [2:30x576p]
Girl is caught playing with sister's make-up after getting gold highlighter on her face ▶0:20 [0:20x576p]
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em's Michele Dotrice says Gemma Arterton will star in Sport Relief sketch ▶0:29 [0:29x576p]
Indonesian man saves two children from an out-of-control car with BACKFLIP ▶0:20 [0:20x576p]
Halle Berry is unrecognisable as 1986 Miss World hopeful [3:10x356p]
Zoo trainer posted video of himself dragging a tiger ▶0:33
Tesco boy racers turn car park into drag strip in Monkspath, Solihull ▶0:59 [0:59x270p]
Ballarat police inquiry shown police officer kicked in a cell ▶3:26 [3:26x576p]
Sickening video of ISIS laughing as 'screams' of rape heard [0:42x576p]
'Are you a pedophile?' Katie Couric grills Stephen Collins [4:52x272p]
Video shows 17-year-old reduced to sobbing, bloody mess by his own father(父) ▶3:52 [3:52x576p]
Goodnight Mommy trailer has been dubbed 'the scariest ever made' [2:24x270p]
Who needs underwear?! Bai Ling goes braless again (archive) ▶0:38 [0:38x272p]
'Human Barbie' Lolita Richi from Ukraine is just 16 and claims she's had no surgery ▶0:39 [0:39x272p]
Artist from down under performs her 'vaginal knitting' piece ▶2:52 [2:52x186p]
Shocking! Woman stripped in the street by gang of men in Egypt [1:02x272p]
Amazing video shows young girl's awesome reaction when she landed a water bottle flip [0:32x576p]
Video tests how many adults would react to a ten-year-old smoking ▶2:40 [2:40x576p]
Hannah Ferguson naked on an inflatable pink flamingo in latest Love Advent video ▶1:07 [1:07x576p]
The symbols pedophiles use to signal their sexual preferences revealed [2:00x270p]
Video shows crowd do nothing as girl is gang-raped on beach [0:49x270p]
Bizarre CCTV shows man walking STARK NAKED down Czech street ▶0:53 [0:54x576p]
Pregnant Beyonce prompts Coachella performance [1:00x576p]
EXCLUSIVE Incest(近親相姦) mom: I'd give up my other kids for my lover [4:22x576p]
9-year-old girl accidentally kills shooting instructor with Uzi [0:26x272p]
Girls doing YouTube hair styling in South Dakota see cat get stuck in lampshade ▶0:50 [0:50x576p]
Children are stunned to meet female firefighters, surgeons and RAF pilots [2:07x576p]
Chinese boy, 3, is brutally beaten on the street by passerby and no one helps ▶0:29 [0:29x270p]
Hilarious teenage tantrum thrown by adorable little girl [0:22x576p]
BBC Breakfast accidentally shows half naked Yorkshire Rows team member [0:22x576p]
YouTube vlogger Pupinia Stewart posts video in which she mixes up her INCENSE ▶1:34 [1:34x576p]
Video footage shows woman being sexually assaulted on the street in China [1:30x576p]
Video shows Queen's Guard soldier turn rifle on tourist at Windsor Castle [0:20x270p]
Mexican mayor in hot water for lifting girl's skirt up on stage in front of 50,000 ▶0:38 [0:38x270p]
Madonna cuddles up to 'toyboy beau', 25, during family ski trip in Switzerland [0:59x576p]
Eight-year-old Evnika Saadvakass channels Manny Pacquiao in boxing video [0:43x270p]
Vigilante who stopped man ‘touching a girl on the bus’ is ARRESTED in Queens [1:42x540p]

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