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Toe-curling moment beauty queen is stripped of her crown seconds after 'coronation' when organisers named wrong winner [1:37x540p]
Teen scalped in horror karting accident when her hair gets caught in go-kart engine ▶0:42 [0:42x270p]
Two young women strip naked 'to win old iPhone' in nightclub as stunned clubbers look on [0:31x270p]
Teen 'possessed by devil' suffers violent convulsions in church after 'threatening to kill mum' ▶0:25 [0:25x270p]
Turkish defender scores the most ridiculous own-goal in the history of the game after giving his keeper a CUDDLE [0:35x540p]
Shameless thief caught on hidden camera stealing cash from her dementia-suffering neighbour ▶2:32 [2:32x540p]
Watch this Russian rocket blast off to resupply the ISS after SpaceX launch explosion ▶1:31 [1:31x270p]
How Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson will shed her Harry Potter past ▶2:23 [2:23x360p]
What we know so far as police hunt men who raped mum in front of toddler after forcing them into car [0:33x540p]
Fugitive arrested for alleged rape of 10-year-old who has been refused an abortion ▶0:28 [0:28x270p]
Size 14 British model strips to her underwear on subway to protest against body shaming [2:54x360p]
Britney Spears flaunts killer figure as she writhes around in red bikini on holiday in Hawaii [0:59x540p]
As The Clan hits cinemas, read the true story behind the family who kept hostages shackled in bathroom ▶2:16 [2:16x360p]
Georgia May Foote accidentally exposes her knickers while competing in the Strictly Come Dancing finale ▶0:35 [0:35x270p]
Child hacks into sleeping mum's iPhone with simple but terrifying trick [2:08x270p]
Spooky dash cam footage shows 'ghost car appear out of nowhere before slamming into truck' ▶0:47 [0:47x270p]
Disturbing video shows mum 'teaching young son a lesson for supporting Donald Trump' ▶1:26 [1:26x540p]
Watch 10-year-old girl show her HORRIFIC third-degree burns after touching UK's ''most dangerous plant'' giant hogweed [0:33x224p]
Watch 'rape tour' sex monster who targeted drunk students across UK try to get into their rooms ▶2:22 [2:22x268p]
Ben Cohen slammed by Pointless viewers after giving the 'best incorrect answer in the history of the show' ▶1:06 [1:06x360p]
Jihadi mum kisses tiny daughter(娘)s, aged seven and nine, goodbye - then sends them off on suicide bomb mission [2:52x270p]
Sickening new ISIS video shows toddler shooting prisoner dead in ball pit in abandoned children's [0:34x360p]
Holographic porn to bring 3D naked women into your living room in 2017 ▶0:59 [0:59x360p]
Incredible footage shows girl, 5, RESCUING unconscious mum from drowning in family swimming pool [1:54x270p]
Parents panic as Amazon's Alexa starts reciting crude porn phrases to toddler who asked for nursery rhyme [0:25x360p]
Hurricane Patricia leaves destruction and flood warnings in its wake as experts downgrade it to 'tropic storm' ▶3:04 [3:04x270p]
'Sexist' advert showing woman in swimsuit fattened up and turned into an eel branded as 'delusions of a pervert' ▶1:55 [1:55x270p]
Sick mob beat and burn boy to death 'as punishment for stealing food in Nigeria' ▶1:10 [1:10x540p]
Girl, 8, slams Tesco's 'sexist' children's clothing in articulate speech filmed by proud mum [1:38x270p]
Little boy sobs uncontrollably when he hears the King of Thailand has died [0:54x540p]
Horrified parents warn 'paedophiles are using hugely popular mobile phone app to groom underage children' [0:45x360p]
Model 'beaten and tortured by husband who filmed shocking abuse and sent videos to friends' ▶1:21 [1:21x270p]
Hapless man has a mare as he tries to leave demanding horse who says neigh ▶1:15 [1:15x270p]
ISIS kill 16 Real Madrid fans in massacre at supporters club headquarters ▶0:47 [0:47x270p]
Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt snogs Jeremy McConnell before stripping naked in jaw-dropping footage ▶0:30 [0:30x540p]
Sickening video shows woman setting kitten on fire after dousing it in gasoline ▶1:05 [1:05x270p]
Student caught on camera 'having sex with woman in public after boozy birthday celebrations' ▶0:41 [0:41x270p]
Woman urinates in cup on shop counter then DRINKS it as a protest about not being able to use toilet ▶0:47 [0:47x270p]
Woman reveals what it's like to make love to a lifelike robot male sex doll ▶2:41 [2:41x360p]
Phillip Schofield to make Emmerdale cameo in NUDIST camp? Sharon Marshall creates part for This Morning host ▶0:35 [0:35x540p]
Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale criticises hackers who leaked her nude pictures ▶0:30 [0:30x540p]
Distraught mum screams 'no, no, my little girl' after finding daughter(娘), 7, dying in field near houses in York ▶0:45 [0:45x540p]
Christina Grimmie dead: Heartbreaking video shows Voice singer pleading with fans to attend show hours before murder ▶0:44 [0:44x540p]
Adorable baby boy finds his dad's burps absolutely hilarious and cannot stop laughing [0:44x540p]
Woman films herself carrying out sex act in courthouse 'to get out of trouble' [0:22x540p]
Woman 'burns vagina' after setting fire to her crotch during bizarre dance off caught on camera [0:18x270p]
Milky Way's massive sister constellation dubbed 'The Sea Monster' captured in incredible image by giant [1:09x360p]
Ground-breaking new documentary The Accused follows mum accused of child abuse in run-up to trial ▶0:40 [0:40x270p]
'Man with no penis' attempted suicide during struggle to accept his condition ▶0:35 [0:35x225p]
Blind, paedophile 'witch' who used two teenage girls as sex slaves is freed [0:39x540p]
Former child star has SEX with a ROBOT for new TV show [1:54x272p]
Shia LaBeouf reduced to tears as 10-year-old girl sings for him at Liverpool exhibition ▶1:22 [1:22x360p]
World Naked Bike Ride brings part of Britain to a standstill ▶0:52 [0:52x540p]
Teenage girl floors clumsy handbag thief with perfectly timed karate kick ▶0:57 [0:57x540p]
Rape and murder of girl, 7, sparks widespread protests and demonstrations in Columbia [2:07x360p]
Kanye West’s Famous video features NAKED Taylor Swift, Bill Cosby, Caitlyn Jenner and Donald Trump ▶0:50 [0:50x360p]
Shocking footage shows half-naked boy hooded and strapped to chair and in detention centre where children were TEAR GASS ▶0:37 [0:37x540p]
Man has penis amputated after getting it stuck for FOUR days in bottle he used as sex toy [1:32x540p]
Sweet and innocent looking girl shocks her little brother with smelly - and funny [0:26x270p]
Sickening video shows girl stripped NAKED in cruel revenge attack at shopping centre ▶0:35 [0:35x270p]
'I have SEX with corpses': Morgue worker claims necrophilia is 'part of training' in TV interview ▶0:58 [0:58x270p]
Watch kilt-wearing groomsmen perform lip-synch routine at wedding which is so bad it's good ▶3:04 [3:04x268p]
Doctor filmed calling mum 'prostitute' and 'stripper' for breastfeeding her baby - in a HOSPITAL [0:39x540p]
Serial killer Stephen Port given whole life sentence after date rape drug murders of four gay men [9:58x270p]
Milky Way's massive sister constellation dubbed 'The Sea Monster' captured in incredible image by giant telescope [1:09x360p]
ISIS sex slave survivor: 'They forced us to pray, then they'd rape us' [4:19x270p]
Former child star has SEX with a ROBOT for new TV show [1:54x270p]
Meet the woman who married her son's 15-YEAR-OLD friend after falling pregnant with his child [0:44x225p]
Naked artist left hanging upside-down from tree after bizarre film scene goes embarrassingly wrong [1:35x225p]
Teenage girl sent home from hospital with suspected stomach bug dies days after cervical cancer jab [1:13x540p]
'I was so young': Child abuse victim who inspired Coronation Street storyline tells frightening story [0:37x540p]
Women 'should breastfeed children until they're eight' says mum who shares videos of herself nursing son [0:45x540p]
Woman streams Facebook Live video of boss asking her to perform SEX ACT so she can leave early [3:59x270p]
Moment British man detained by Bali police over 'rape of Australian teen on schooleavers' trip' ▶0:30 [0:30x270p]
Rita Ora turns the beach into her catwalk as she shows off her INSANE figure in skimpy bikini ▶0:40 [0:40x540p]
British paedophile who preyed on young Cambodian girls has sentence slashed ▶3:07 [3:07x270p]
Teenage girl found dead 20 minutes after being reported missing 'had gone to meet man she met online' ▶0:54 [0:54x270p]
The real rape victim behind Broadchurch's new series relives terrifying sex attack and warns women to ALWAYS report it [0:38x540p]
Nursery children standing in the snow throw ice cold water over their own heads [0:49x270p]
PICTURED: The chilling moment Jimmy Savile gropes a young woman DURING Louis Theroux meet-up ▶0:44 [0:44x540p]
Pregnant Beyonce goes NAKED to celebrate her twin baby announcement ▶0:31 [0:31x360p]
Girl aged 13 beaten up by a vile bully who pretended to be her friend then warned her 'not to grass' ▶1:44 [1:44x360p]
'Will you be my forever parents?' Heartbreaking story of boy who wants to be adopted ▶2:11 [2:11x540p]
Paedophile football scout raped 11-year-old boy in front of me, says new victim of abuse scandal [3:33x540p]
With Sex in Love Island turning viewers on, here's the steamiest moments so far ▶3:31 [3:31x540p]
WATCH Katie Price’s son Junior tell her she's had 'too much' plastic surgery on her boobs [0:51x270p]
Copa America 2015: Venezuelan TV presenters strip naked in show of support for their team ▶1:13 [1:13x268p]
Man 'executed' after losing gangland bare-knuckle fight to the death seen in this horrific footage [1:06x270p]
Shia LaBeouf reduced to tears as 10-year-old girl sings for him at Liverpool exhibition ▶1:22
Dancers perform show without any clothes - and ALL the audience members have to be naked too ▶0:55 [0:55x270p]
Gang of kids attack teenage boy with HOCKEY STICKS leaving him battered and screaming on the ground ▶1:12 [1:12x270p]
Rich kids of Singapore put London rivals to shame as they flash the cash on Instagram [0:45x270p]
'Drunk' man shoves 20cm USB cable into his penis 'for sexual pleasure' - and gets it stuck [0:26x270p]
Watch heartbreaking video of 6-year-old girl pleading with her divorced parents to be 'friends' [3:00x268p]

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